Vol Todd Helton overlooked? Just barely!

Spencer S. HarrisOpinion

Most of the BBWAA voters only know of Knoxville native Todd Helton as the first baseman for the Colorado Rockies.
Helton was a five-time All-Star with a .316 batting average, 369 …

Our world today

Tom KingOpinion

What’s gone wrong with your country?
What’s gone wrong with my country?
What’s gone wrong with our country?
Overwhelming questions about an overwhelming collection of issues. And everyone today has their opinion and …

Children deserve our focus

Betsy PickleOpinion

It has been two days since an 18-year-old high-school dropout stormed into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, barricaded himself in a classroom and started shooting an AR-15-style rifle, resulting …

Betsy Pickle: Embedded

Betsy PickleOpinion, South Knox

I have very little experience in writing about politics. My journalism career has leaned toward feature stories and entertainment criticism. I’m actually passionate about our government and how I think …