Thankful. Every. Day.

Betsy PickleOpinion, South Knox

I haven’t been seeing much of the gratitude challenge that usually pops up on social media every November. Perhaps my friends and acquaintances are getting jaded, or maybe they’re so …

How to stay young forever

Betsy PickleOpinion

Ask anyone over 40, and they’ll probably tell you that they feel the same on the inside as they did when they were 18.
I know I do. I still love …

Make sure you consent to be governed

Betsy PickleOpinion

I really, really, really want to write about today being Election Day in Knoxville, but if you are the type of person who reads newspapers – digital or print – …

Oh, what a day!

Betsy PickleOpinion

Since the coronavirus struck last year, many people who’ve been cooped up at home have complained that every day seems the same. But there’s not a day goes by that …

Does Knox County really need this money?

Sandra ClarkOpinion

A resounding “no” vote is a no-brainer Monday when Knox County Commission considers extending a lease with Lamar Companies for a billboard in the Tank Strickland Park in East Knoxville.
“Oh, …