A skinny 2022?

Sherri Gardner HowellBlount, Farragut, Kitchen Table Talk

So how is that diet going?
Yeah, mine, too.
If I get ONE more email, flyer or letter about diet programs or fitness facilities, I’m calling the car warranty folks and giving …

A Bethlehem in our own backyard

Christopher RobinBlount, Our Town Arts

Bethlehem, a place synonymous with the birth of Christ, a tiny baby born to save the world. A quiet, unassuming location that changed everything.
I traveled this fall to another Bethlehem …

Maryville senior is TSBA winner

Jay FitzBlount, Our Town Leaders

Jackson Shue, a senior at Maryville High School, has won the Student Recognition Award from the Tennessee School Boards Association. The TSBA honors a student each year for achievement in …