Let’s play ball downtown

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From my time as managing editor of the News Sentinel to my stint as deputy to Mayor Victor Ashe I heard a lot of “pitches” seeking support for downtown development …

Country music going to the dogs? Woof, woof

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I’ve heard complaints about modern country music being too much about drinking, chasing women, drinking, driving pickup trucks, drinking – well you get the picture.
Tsk. Tsk. I get nostalgic for …

Turmoil in cities is boost to Trump

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I watched Richard Nixon get re-elected (and George McGovern lose 49 states) on a “law and order” platform. It came after protesters made the Democratic convention feature a disorganized riotous …

Reflections on the election

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Winner: Eddie Mannis, who battled through efforts by the county Republican Party to throw him off the ballot or beat him at the ballot box. The House Majority Leader contributed …

Downsize Homeland Security now

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I’m not really paranoid. Just concerned.
We have discovered during the recent urban protests and violence that President Trump has a personal police force with 60,000 agents. Congress created the Department …