Frank Cagle: Legendary news guy signs off

Sandra ClarkFrank Talk

Frank Cagle’s sudden death last week rocked our already thin writing team at We kept up with Frank through his wife, Tracy, on Facebook, learning on Wednesday that he …

Amazon v. FedEx: When elephants fight

Frank CagleFrank Talk

Amazon is buying trucks. They’ve created franchises, districts. You may have read about the huge increase in distribution centers. There are seven distribution centers in Tennessee with 1,000 employees.
When Amazon …

Here comes the Clueless Caucus

Frank CagleFrank Talk

During previous sessions of the legislature, I singled out some members of the Krazy Kaucus. This session some of them are gone: Timothy Hill, his brother Matthew, known collectively as …

Learning loss in a year of chaos

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I don’t know if we can fully appreciate the long-term impact the past year will have on the next generation. The havoc that the pandemic has wrought on education will …

Lee uses state funds like a piggy bank

Frank CagleFrank Talk

Gov. Bill Lee gets by with a little help from his friends. He passes out patronage like a Chicago alderman, especially to former legislators.
We’ll start with those on the way …