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Knox County

Raymond “Speedy” Reece Jr., 59Jarnigan & Son Mortuary
Larry “Jap” Eldridge, 70Jarnigan & Son Mortuary
Edith L. Hargis Shankles, 93Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Rhonda Day Hackney, 65Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Wanda E. Cate, 86Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Jo Ann Stuffle Bright, 78Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
William C. “Corky” Wolfe III, 74Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Joseph Love Sr., 60Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Ruth Cody Demers, 81Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Kenneth Stanley Rasmusson, 74Bridges Funeral Home
Madeleine H. “Maddy” Poe, 69Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Wanda Maelene Rolen, 78Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Nicola “Nicky” Debari, 52Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Donald C. Mueller, 70Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Hazel Laura Evans, 93Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Mary Davies Johnson, 86Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Betty L. Alleman, 75Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
George Edward Williams, 81Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Austin Leonard Mott III, 79Berry Highland Memorial
Mildred K. Jennings, 90Berry Highland South
Joel S. “Sid” Touton, 65Weaver Funeral Home
Dixie L. Morton, 72Weaver Funeral Home
Lucille Eileen Kasefang, 85Weaver Funeral Home
Denise Massengill, 60Dogwood Cremation
Gerald Stillwell, 54Dogwood Cremation
Karen Anita Brewer Lovelace, 55Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Aurelia Latta Biggs, 54Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Vera Thiel Burgess, 91Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN
Ronald Hoit Hughes, 79Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
Luther Byrum, 66Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Wanda Rose Rogers, 87Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Kenneth Loy Wyrick, 72Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Jane Leah Arrowsmith, 79Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Samantha Leigh Creel, 27Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Nancy Standridge Starnes, 87Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Allie A. Gault Harrington, 93Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Jere Ray Watkins, 80Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Stevie Allen Sharp Jr., 46Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Melodie Pointon, 67Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Christine Rhea Aubert, 45Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Helen J. Weaver Nash, 95Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Margaret Woods, 90Bridges Funeral Home
Timothy Wayne Wolfe, 60Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Richard Scott Harmon, 73Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel

Anderson County

Randall Lee Young, 62Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Jordan Pitts, 39Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Susan E. Hyde Forbes, 84Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Neva Edmondson Miller, 74Woodhaven Funeral Home, Claxton
Carolyn Ann George, 64Martin Funeral Home, Oak Ridge
Timothy Lee Mullins, 66Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
Robin E. Welch Sharp, 61Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Randy Wishinsky, 64Cremation Options, Knoxville

Blount County

Ruth H. Veit, 86Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Angela Dawn Steadmon Taylor, 44McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN
Helen Jones Gregory Shields, 91McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN
Katheryn Jeanette Wilhoit, 82Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Stanley Wilford Wester, 81Foothills Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Luther Richard Payne, 73Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Peggy Jane Payne, 76Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Anne Suber Wilson, 74McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN
Mary Ellen Moles, 84Sherwood Chapel and Gardens, Alcoa TN
Edna Viola Berry, 99Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Tonya Nicole Patty, 50Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Kenneth Edwin O’Connor, 91McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN
Fred H. Redmond, 85Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville
Ronald C. “Ron” Godfrey, 79Cremation by Grandview, Maryville
Edith P. Ratledge Hickerson, 74McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN

Grainger County

Samuel Roger Campbell, 84Smith-Reagan Funeral Home, Rutledge, TN
John Thomas Frazier, 74Smith-Reagan Funeral Home, Rutledge, TN
Timothy Ray Pratt, 61Bridges Funeral Home

Jefferson County

Steve “Cosmo” Maloy, 74Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Barbara Jean Morrison Chrisman, 83Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Larry Willis Crews, 75Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine TN
Richard King Moorelock, 58Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
Myrtle Green Franklin, 85Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN

Loudon County

Paul Allen Lucas, 66McGill-Click Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Mark A. Kibler, 65Loudon Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Marci Campbell Kimble, 51McGill-Click Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Howard Wayne Weaver, 79Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Jacqueline Cardwell Moore, 96Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Patricia Ann Clevenger, 64Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN

Roane County

Dorothy Louise Macon, 92Kyker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Tamara Denise Jones, 59Kyker Funeral Home, Harriman TN
Anthony Scott Watson, 57Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Kendell Martin, 48Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Kevin Riggs, 45Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
David Lee Hill, 55Davis Funeral Home, Harriman TN
Michael “Mike” Freels, 62Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN
Kendell Gene Martin, 48Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN

Sevier County

Virgil Nelson Tipton, 84Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Gary Elwood McKnight, 82Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Margaret Hardin Terry, 92Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN

Union County

Melissa Jane Anderson, 54Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville
Lonnie Scottie Hutchison, 51Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville
Jack Lee Beeler, 94Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel

All others

Marilyn Ruth Kelley Kennedy, 94Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Georda Willard, 82Bridges Funeral Home