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Knox County

Eva H. Garner Wiggins Mapp, 100Jarnigan & Son Mortuary
Raymond W. Converse, 76Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Mary K. “Kathy” Poese, 70Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Michael D. “Mike” Shelton, 48Click Funeral Home, Middlebrook Chapel
Kristopher Liam Bruce, 9Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Shirley Rhea Brown, 85Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Joan Noe Justus, 72Rose Mortuary, Mann Heritage Chapel
Ruth Collins Summers, 96Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Gary Greene, 65Bridges Funeral Home
Pollye Bradsby, 93Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Raymond W. Caton, 84McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home
Hilda M. Josey, 85Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Margaret A. “Peggy” Tubbs, 85Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Troy Eugene Harrison, 64Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Brenda L. Jones Frazier, 77Jarnigan & Son Mortuary
Joy Lynn Burnett, 69Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Kimberly D. Severs, age 61Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Lois Sutton, 92Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Alma F. McCoy Simmons, 92Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Barbara J. Graham Mynatt, 87Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Becky Hancock Collins, 62Bridges Funeral Home
Mary Alma Perry, 91Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Susan Leigh Horne, 48Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Carlos E. Lakin, 85Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
D. Jeanette Green, 90Berry Highland South
Mary Allene Gibson, 80Berry Highland West
Gregory Dwight Bowman, 57McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home
Wesley Gibbs, 84McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home
Patricia Easterly Lucke Norris, 88Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
Elise Jane Karlson, 98Martin Funeral Home, Oak Ridge
Freddie Charles Colston Ph.D., 85Patton Funeral Home, Knoxville
Evelyn Bright Gose, 100Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Clarence F. “Cas” Walker, 92Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Dorothy Jean Clark, 86Weaver Funeral Home
Helen Nichols Forester R.N., 89Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
John Earl Lawless, 96Berry Highland South
Margaret “Becky” Furrow, 73Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Herbert Gale Smith, 82Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Norma Jean Tucker, 84Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Elizabeth Annette Houk, 70Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
Walter Earl Russell Jr., 48Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City

Anderson County

Lynn Dagley, 84Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Betty Lue Jarnigan, 83Jones Mortuary, Clinton
Lela Hazel Simmons, 90Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Christian “Worm” Daniels, 25Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Elmira L. Cagley Trentham, 96Jones Mortuary, Clinton
Marvin Childs, 79Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton TN

Blount County

Lorraine Y. Swift Abbott, 94McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral Home, Maryville
Dean W. Yerkey, 55Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Homer Willis Prince, 89Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Shirley Ann Dunlap, 79Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Alfred “Alfie” Lenear, 78McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN

Grainger County

Charlotte Maples Stalans, 81McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home

Hamblen County

John David Reitz, 75Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel

Loudon County

Charles Edward Rice, 80Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City
Mary Margaret Lee, 97Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Darrell Erskin Thomas, 59Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN

Roane County

John Alvin Hall, 93Jackson Funeral Services, Oliver Springs
Richard A. Nitzschke II, 38Davis Funeral Home, Harriman TN

Sevier County

Frank Stoffle, 95Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour
James Harvie Suttles, 89Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Johnny Buford Kear, 78Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN

Union County

Bradley Eugene Warwick, 42Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville
Brandon Todd Johnson, 34Trinity Funeral Home, Maynardville
Gregory C. “Greg” Hatmaker, 50Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Larry W. “Black” Sharp, 74Trinity Funeral Home, Maynardville

All others

John Sherwood Holmes III, 62Woodfin Funeral Services, Murfreesboro TN
Raymond Kenneth Phillips, 66Snyder's Memorial Gardens, Gray TN
James “Jim” McFerrin, 71Anderson and Garrett, Joelton TN
Sue Ellen Clemens Burman, 73Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Jaime Marie Williams, 44Baldwin Cremation & Mortuary Service
Vanessa Denise Truitt, 64Patton Funeral Home, Knoxville