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Knox County

Ronnie Joe Smith, 73Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Lonnie Richard Hunley, 78Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
DeLois Thurman Kerr, 85Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Clyde Winford Jones, 84Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Billy Clabough Sauls, 72Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Amy B. Chapman, 50Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Dexter W. Mayfield, 90Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Guadalupe Oscoy-Hernandez, 50Click Funeral Home, Middlebrook Chapel
P. Denise Davis, 51Weaver Funeral Home
Gertie Mae Dockery, 67Weaver Funeral Home
Deanna A. Burris Brabson, 82Patton Funeral Home, Knoxville
Ora Lee Payne, 82Patton Funeral Home, Knoxville
Elizabeth Hipps Goodman, 94Jarnigan & Son Mortuary
Niya Towanda Essie, 42Jarnigan & Son Mortuary
Arthur Lee Darden Jr.Unity Mortuary
Steve Edward Collins, 77Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Amanda Elizabeth Gibson, 40Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Vickie Susanna Matney, 65Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Jason E. Kuhn, 44Weaver Funeral Home
Phyllis Spencer, 73McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home
Rose Marie Kennedy, 95Stevens Mortuary
Lance C. Hutchison, 67Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Charles Clark Hill, 63Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
William “Lafayette” Williams, 83Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
John D. Arnett III M.D., 65Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
John W. Bardill, 80Rose Mortuary, Mann Heritage Chapel
Laura Denise Willard, 45Bridges Funeral Home
Roger Lee Bivens, 65Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Bonnie Gibson Hurst, 73Berry Highland South
Bertha M. Foust, 97Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Daisy Ann Kerr, 80Sherwood Chapel and Gardens, Alcoa TN
Stan McGraw Thomas, 63Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN

Anderson County

Gary M. Coleman, 66Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton
Jeffery E. Pierce, 69Woodhaven Funeral Home, Claxton
David Edwin Zoppa Jr., 63Jones Mortuary, Clinton
Richard A. Sances Sr., 83Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
JB Omer Ogle, 85Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
Robert Joe Smith, 86Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
Jessemae Myers Noritake, 94Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
Wesley Bryan Webb, 40Jones Mortuary, Clinton
Mary Sue Culpepper, 90Click Funeral Home, Middlebrook Chapel

Blount County

Victor J. Lones, 77Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Harrison Arthur Jackson, 76Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
George David Campbell, 93Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Carl Farley Woodard, 80Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Henry Burl Bone, 85Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Jerry Lee Huffman, 70Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
John H. Poplin, 80Sherwood Chapel and Gardens, Alcoa TN
James Jack Harmon, 80Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Jerry Lee Huffman, 70Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Margie Ann Bivens, 85Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Carl Farley Woodard, 80Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Betty J. Mahone, 86Foothills Funeral Home, Maryville TN
James Edward Jenkins, 74Foothills Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Faith Lynn HudgensFoothills Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Chester Charles Haynes, 88Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Kenneth Gene Ownby, 83Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Deanna K. Glandon, 51Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Mary Helen Cunningham, 95Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Ona Agnes Campbell Taylor, 96McCammon-Ammons-Click, Maryville TN
James Edward Sweat, 81Cremation by Grandview, Maryville TN
Ruth Elizabeth Brewer, 73Cremation by Grandview, Maryville TN
Phyllis Ann Reagan, 78Cremation by Grandview, Maryville TN
Sam Houston Greene, 83Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Freddie W. Wilburn, 72Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Jerrick Orlando Davis, 54Foothills Funeral Home, Maryville TN

Grainger County

Blanche Lorene Longmire, 92Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
Roger Dale Maples, 58Smith-Reagan Funeral Home, Rutledge, TN
Joshua Frederick Hood, 36Smith-Reagan Funeral Home, Rutledge, TN

Jefferson County

Elsie Rose GrahamFarrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Antoinette “Toni” Maria DiPietro, 65Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Benton R. Hammer, 89Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Ashley Herndon, 36Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Blanche Lorene H. Longmire, 92Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
Carl Eddie Moyers, 78Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine TN
Charles “Fred” Bitner, 81Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
William Merrill Rickman, 83Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine TN
Jason Allen Imler, 39Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine TN
Melissa Diane Adams, 42Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
Jean Arnold Stapleton, 83Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
William Samuel Humbard, 80Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
Wanda Jean Snyder Simpson, 90Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Mary Love Williams Huntsinger, 73Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Kimberly Hellard, 57Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
Bonnie Hickle, 73Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN

Loudon County

Freddy A. “Snake” McKee, 78Loudon Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Sue Jane Hattley, 82Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Carole Ann Onks Davis, 80Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Linda Raye Miles Perryman, 78McGill-Click Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Robert Eugene “Bob” Guffee, 81Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Jonnie Faye Carter, 67Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Bettye Sue Babb Jenkins, 87Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Johnnie Moneymaker Lee, 62Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
James Harris McCarroll, 84Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Anthony Lee “Tony” Cook, 60Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN

Roane County

Jason Michael Schwall, 44Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Frances “Nanny” Miles Bryant, 84Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Charles Clifford Shoemaker, 82Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Darrell Duane Hall, 59Davis Funeral Home, Harriman TN
Cecil “Butch” Redmon, 71Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge
Gary Lee Burnham, 78Kyker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Betty Dean Howard Moore, 76Davis Funeral Home, Harriman TN
Susan Estes Weber, 76Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
John Raymond Boch, 80Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
William Paul Brown, Sr., 83Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Larry J. Dalton, 72Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Paul A. Smith, 75Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Julius Lawrence Wright, 70Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Gary Howard McCampbell, 66Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Christopher Scott Hill, 37Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Lamar H. “L.H.” Williams, 76Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Terry William Chitwood, 67Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Brian Cundiff, 53Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Timothy David Christopher, 46Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Maria “Janie” Tate, 61Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Charles “Chuck” Flanagan, 89Jackson Funeral Services, Oliver Springs TN
Sheila D. Brown, 66Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN
Daniel Chase, 30Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN
Donald “Donnie”Jake Long, 42Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN
Joanne Barncord, 75Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Claire A. Hency, 86Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN

Sevier County

Stephine Ann Beasley, 39Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Jerry C. “Sam” Carr, Jr., 63Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour TN
Charles E. Romines, 79Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Esma “Alice” Penwell, 83Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour TN
Leaomia Lee Brooks, 78Farrar Funeral Home, Dandridge TN
Johnny “John” Ray Henry, 59Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Delores H. Johnson, 87Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour TN
Juanita Vandergriff Mantooth, 84Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour TN
Chase Edward Ray Turner, 30Atchley Funeral Home, Seymour TN
Agnes Ownby Hatcher, 87Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Sue Bonnette Frey, 87Atchley Funeral Home, Pigeon Forge TN

Union County

Donald Roscoe Beeler, 86Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville

All others

Howard R. Ware, 85Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Betty Bland Golden, 76New Horizon Memorial FH, Dora AL
Charles Edward Farmer, 83Bridges Funeral Home
Kim Mari Proffitt, 60Thomas Funeral Home, Calhoun GA