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Knox County

Paige Scarlett Lamb, 38Mynatt FH, Knoxville TN
Janice Faye Berryhill, 58Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Dallas “Ray” Humphries, 56Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Sandra A. Stevens Ganskow, 62Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Linda L. Mendenhall, 72Rose Funeral & Cremation - Broadway
Rosemary Cox Mixon, 91Rose Funeral & Cremation - Broadway
David E. McCarroll, 63Trinity FH, Maynardville TN
Betty Katherine Well, 84Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Gail Franklin Wortley, 77Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Billy Wade Buchanan, 82Mynatt FH, Knoxville TN
Janet Mae Watkins, 73Unity Mortuary, Knoxville TN
James “Garfield” Wells Jr., 76Unity Mortuary, Knoxville TN
Robert Chandler Lay, 30Rose Funeral & Cremation - Mann
Jack B. Williams, 76Rose Funeral & Cremation - Broadway
Carl Frank Conner, 95Rose Funeral Home, Knoxville TN
Craige A. Steele, 85Rose Funeral Home, Knoxville TN
Lismar Jorge Diaz Salas, 29Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
James Ray Ailor Jr., 93Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Dorothy S. “Dottie” Lowe, 91Berry Highland Memorial
George P. Taylor IV, 75Berry Highland Memorial
Timothy Dewayne Shultz, 63Weaver Funeral Home
Geneva A. Russell Burchfield, 75Mynatt Funeral Home, Halls Chapel
Dan Paris, 65Bridges Funeral Home
Ceora Smith Hopper, 88Stevens Mortuary
John Dougherty Jr. M.D., 80Cremation Options, Knoxville TN
Tony F. RaleyEast TN Mortuary Service, Knoxville TN
Steven Julian Hackney, 65Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Hendon R. “Russ” Johnston Ph.D., 85Rose Funeral Home, Knoxville TN
Terrie Ann Knell, 68Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Leo G. Herbert, 89Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Wallace Ray Coile, 88Click Funeral Home, Knoxville TN
Charles Wesley Neal, 61Unity Mortuary, Knoxville TN
Amanda H. Sheimo Logan, 45Rose Funeral Home, Knoxville TN
Donald C. “Donnie” Smith, 54Click Funeral Home, Knoxville TN

Anderson County

Charles E. “Eddie” Pettiford, 66Holley Gamble FH, Clinton TN
Barbara J. Pilkay Atkins, 92Woodhaven FH, Claxton TN
Mark Gordon Brooks, 67Holley Gamble FH, Clinton TN
James R. Keiser Ph.D., 81Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Sandra Susan Story, 70Jones Mortuary, Clinton TN
Ronnie Allen McCoy, 72Holley Gamble FH, Clinton TN
Effie “Mae” DeStefano, 76Holley Gamble FH, Clinton TN
Ollie Katherine Cox, 84Holley Gamble FH, Clinton TN
Pearl D. Pointer Phipps, 87Jones Mortuary, Clinton TN
June T. Strunk, 89Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Lanny S. Moore Ed.D., 89Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Helen “Joanne” King, 94Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Marilyn Nicklow, 86Mott-McKamey FH, Oak Ridge TN

Blount County

Sally L. Montpelier Lawson, 43Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Larry Gene Boring, 76McCammon-Ammons-Click FH, Maryville TN
Andrew Hamilton Jones, 82McCammon-Ammons-Click FH, Maryville TN
Margaret L. Crisp Bunch, 93Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Sonny Boy Greenwood, 95Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Freda Baker Webb, 77Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Gregory Stelly, 64Berry Highland West
Kaylee Gail Rogers, infantMiller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Monie E. Nelson Bullard, 101McCammon-Ammons-Click FH, Maryville TN
Jim Rivera, 64Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Virginia Ann Dunn, 50Cremation by Grandview, Maryville TN
Ronald William Tait, 77Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy
Mylinda Rose Genaway, 51Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Wilma Lou Majors, 83Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN

Campbell County

Winton H. Tinch, 84Hatmaker FH, Rocky Top TN
Linda L. Jones, 72Martin Wilson FH, LaFollette TN

Claiborne County

The Rev. Paul T. Collingsworth, 89Claiborne-Overholt FH, New Tazewell TN

Grainger County

Richie Conlyn Nicely, 64Smith-Reagan FH, Rutledge TN

Jefferson County

Frances “Tean” Reed, 88Farrar FH, White Pine TN
Ronald L. “Ronnie” Majors, 73Fielden FH, New Market TN
Betty Jean Hickman, 85Farrar FH, Dandridge TN
Jackie D. Frazier, 65Farrar FH, White Pine TN
Paulette Moore Houston, 76Farrar FH, White Pine TN
Paul L. Goss Jr., 72Fielden FH, New Market TN

Loudon County

Lenna M. Lundy DeBusk, 92Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Robert Charles Gillis Sr., 85Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Isabella Roselyn Michel, infantMcGill Click FH, Loudon TN
Grayling DeFord Veal, 71Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN

Sevier County

Ronnie Olin Moorefield, 68Atchley Funeral Home
Beulah “June” Gross Hubbs, 81Atchley FH, Seymour TN
Larry Dean Lott, 61Atchley Funeral Home
Kathleen Daly Langan, 89Atchley Funeral Home
Patrick Thomas Dorwin, 59Rawlings FH, Sevierville TN

Union County

Cory Lee Blair, 42Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville TN

All others

Jimmy Ray Dunn, 76Weaver Funeral Home