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Knox County

Alice Darlene Houser, 67Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Jerry Wayne Whitehead, 76Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Donald Keith Hodnett, 49Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Betty A. Williams, 89Rose Mortuary Mann Heritage Chapel
Curtis C. “Curt” Hall Jr., 83Rose Mortuary Mann Heritage Chapel
Jewell Hope Purkey, 84Weaver Funeral Home
Enrique Huerta Sanchez, 67Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Jesus Alberto Huerta Oliva, 29Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Aubrey L. “Ray” Truxillo Sr., 76Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Dorothy J. Graham, 90McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home
Patricia Annette Gonterman, 56Rose Mortuary Mann Heritage Chapel
Edith Smith Hancock, 86Bridges Funeral Home
Michael Kelly Elrod, 62Bridges Funeral Home
Frankie J. Noe, 90Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy.
Chelsie Arlene Hill, 27Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy.
William Eugene Rimmer, 92Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy.
Sylvia Kay Bales, 73Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Seldon Louis “S.L.” Valentine, 78Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Margaret Ann Ward, 88Berry Highland Memorial
Claude E. Johnson, 72Berry Highland South
William W. “Billy” JacksonJarnigan & Son Mortuary
Robert E. Boyd, 87Unity Mortuary
John Douglas Upshaw Jr., 48Patton Funeral Home
Steve Robinson, 69Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Patricia “Trish” Hardin Harper, 52Gentry Griffey Funeral Chapel
Katherine M. Farmer, 80Stevens Mortuary
Alfred Matthew Vann, 87Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
Clarence Edward Clabough, 95Click Funeral Home, Farragut Chapel
Claudia Jean Wilson, 73Rose Mortuary, Broadway Chapel
Edith Smith Hancock, 86Bridges Funeral Home
Charles Emert Dunn, 79Berry Funeral Home, Chapman Hwy.
Kenneth R. Beeler, 73Berry Lynnhurst Funeral Home
Clark A Vanhorn, 68Berry Highland South
Mable Lee Whetsell Chambers, 76Mynatt Funeral Home, Fountain City
David Harlan Underwood, 77McCarty-Evergreen Funeral Home
Wayne H. Rosenbaum, 87Bridges Funeral Home

Anderson County

Ricky Lewis Lawson, 66Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Manuel Aguon Quenga, 63Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Nina J. Robinson Campbell, 80Weatherford Mortuary, Oak Ridge TN
Evelyn Rowena Spears, 96Woodhaven Funeral Home, Claxton TN
Bonnie Williams, 81Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton TN
Joyce Jenkins, 77Holley Gamble Funeral Home, Clinton TN

Blount County

Shirrll Andrew King, 84Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Brenda S. Mclemore, 67Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Nancy Sue Lambert Cate, 83McCammon-Ammons-Click Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Robert Gus Hubbard Jr., 71Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Mary Jane Holbrook, 75Cremation by Grandview, Maryville TN
Mary Elizabeth Potter, 89Sherwood Chapel and Memorial Gardens, Alcoa TN
Johnny Ray Jones Jr., 43Sherwood Chapel and Memorial Gardens, Alcoa TN
The Rev. James B. Caylor, 84Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Barbara Sue White, 86Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN
Noel Angelo Arwood, 79Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Josephine Wolfe, 77Memorial Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Robert S. “Steve” Bullard, 70Miller Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Kenneth Edgar Byrd, 94Smith Funeral Service, Maryville TN

Grainger County

Haskel “Hack” James, 85Smith-Reagan Funeral Home, Rutledge, TN

Jefferson County

Catherine Satterfield, 105Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
Glenda Lou Eldridge, 56Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
Lorene Mills, 78Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
Kimberlee J. Reierson Kuntz, 58Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN
Elinor Mae Albright, 79Fielden Funeral Home, New Market TN
J.T. Hopkins, 91Farrar Funeral Home, White Pine TN
Walter Jerome Hawk, 76Farrar Funeral Home, Jefferson City TN

Loudon County

Shirley Richardson Shubert, 83Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
John D. Richardson Jr., 78Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Doyt Ray Purkey, 86Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Robert “Bob” Switzer III Ph.D., 77Loudon Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Nannie Carol Littleton, 76Loudon Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Dorothy “Dottie” Atchley Pence, 93Loudon Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Judy Lynn Anderson, 56Loudon Funeral Home, Loudon TN
Johnny E. “Gene” Lambert, 88McGill Click, Loudon TN
R.C. “Duke” Rowan III, 78Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN
Margaret E. Blazier, 93Click Funeral Home, Lenoir City TN

Roane County

Gary L. “Donnie” Adkins, 63Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN
Vivian Juanita Kirkland, 88Kyker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Alvin Allen Aytes, 50Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Robert Duane Pawley, 81Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Fonna Marie Cofer, 77Evans Mortuary, Rockwood TN
Colette J. Smith, 85Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Arch Brackett Jr., 81Kyker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Sidney J. Shipwash, 81Fraker Funeral Home, Kingston TN
Jessica Grace Jarnagin, 32Davis Funeral Home, Harriman TN
George T. “Tommy” Childs, 77Davis Funeral Home, Harriman TN
William “Curt” McGuff, 64Premier Sharp, Oliver Springs TN

Sevier County

Lou Ann Davis, 79Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Michael Dewey Jackson, 61Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN
Oma Dockery Maples, 83Atchley Funeral Home, Sevierville TN

Union County

Alvin V. “Goat” Patterson, 78Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville TN
Russell Luke Tolliver, 49Cooke-Campbell Mortuary, Maynardville TN
Betty Hawkins Lowry, 89Trinity Funeral Home, Maynardville TN

All others

Derrick Devon Evans, 21Foothills Funeral Home, Maryville TN
Lois Margaret Hudgens, 81Click Funeral Home, Tellico Village TN