Pruitt spanks absent fans

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

We can help you, Coach, if you’ll just let us know when the fuse is short.
If we had guessed how strongly you felt, we could have saved you from yourself …

We got our Heisman

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Well, we finally got our Heisman Trophy.
Sort of.
It belongs to Chris Weinke. It is here in spirit, as long as he is on the Tennessee coaching staff.
We have endured, lo, …

Somebody is wrong

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

I am nearly always right but sometimes I am wrong, no spinning to explain it away, just plain wrong.
Even with a lofty IQ, vast experience and world-class confidence, I have …

Lane Kiffin won’t go away

Marvin WestFeature, westwords

Twice I promised myself that I wouldn’t do this.
Lane Kiffin has had more than his fair share of westwords, good and bad, but he simply won’t go away. His name …

David Rudder recollections

Marvin WestBearden, Feature, westwords

Somewhere in these westwords, if all goes well, you will conclude that even improbable goals are somehow attainable if you work hard enough and hang in there.
David Rudder, son of …

Cost of Failure

Marvin Westwestwords

Somebody, somewhere, may eventually calculate how much Tennessee spent on the resurrection of football.
Jeremy is currently making less than $4 million if you don’t count perks and potential bonuses. The …

It’s football time in Tennessee

Marvin Westwestwords

A beautiful basketball season is finished. Today the game changes. To quote the great John Ward, it is football time in Tennessee.
Admiral Schofield and Grant Williams can take a bow …