What a game, what a season!

Marvin Westwestwords

Great game by the freshman running back on Senior Day. Speed kills. Blockers help.
Defensive Volunteers fought fiercely and had minimum breakdowns.
Order has been restored in the Tennessee-Vanderbilt relationship, a fitting …

Rocky Goode was a pioneer

Marvin WestWest Knox, westwords

Thanks for the memories.
Old Vol footballer Bert Ackermann, in a very personal approach to Thanksgiving, was recalling good times with his Southeastern Conference officiating buddy, the late Rocky Goode.
“He was …

Pruitt is no dummy

Marvin Westwestwords

A quotable philosopher, perhaps Socrates or maybe Casey Stengel, provided our talking point for today: “A wise man changeth his mind once in a while; a fool never.”
On the third …

Fork in the road for Tennessee

Marvin Westwestwords

As the great philosopher Yogi Berra may have said, “When you come to the fork in the road, take it!”
Tennessee football has arrived at the proverbial fork. The record is …

Tennessee couldn’t find a way to lose

Marvin Westwestwords

Tennessee searched all over Kroger Field but could not find a way to lose.
In the beginning, the Vols couldn’t get the ball away from Kentucky. After that, the punter fumbled …

UT at Kentucky: Biggest game of the year

Marvin Westwestwords

Here we go again, another “biggest game of the year” for Tennessee football.
What we keep telling ourselves about significant improvement will slide back toward what used to be if the …

Memorial service for Walter Chadwick

Marvin Westwestwords

A memorial service was planned for today in Decatur, Ga., for former Tennessee football star Walter Chadwick. Burial was to follow at Decatur Cemetery. His death at age 73 was announced on …

Walter Chadwick never gave up

Marvin Westwestwords

Forty-eight years ago, life and an armored money truck dealt a cruel blow to Walter Chadwick. He was damaged beyond repair. All concerned gave him up for dead.
“They gave me …