Rick Byrd: Local boy makes good

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Nobody from Knoxville has been elected president of the United States. I looked it up.
Nobody from Knoxville has carried the Olympic torch at an opening ceremony.
Only one person from Knoxville …

Matt McGlothlin: Death of a Vol

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Matt McGlothlin, 36, former Tennessee defensive tackle, died during the night of April 17. He is survived by his wife, Jennifer. He was senior sales representative for MD Pharmacy in …

Interesting and entertaining

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This just in: Tennessee’s spring football game did not scare Georgia State.
The Panthers, four and a half months away as the first foe for the Volunteers, have already heard about …

Big weekend for Volunteers

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What follows is a short course in fundamentals of marketing, influenced in part by Mark Twain.
You don’t have to be a great salesman to sell – if you have a …

Barnes wins home game

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Readers who become editorial supervisors when the pot gets hot are telling me what to tell Rick Barnes.
“You burned the bridge, old buddy.”
“Let him go. I’ll help him pack.”
“It’s all …

Salute to General Grant

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Just in case Grant Williams goes away before his time at Tennessee expires, I’d like to say a word about his first three years. Wow!
Williams came near enough to doing …

The recruiting of Grover Glick

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Recruiting is a very serious business. It is simply the lifeblood of college athletics.
Identifying prospects is the preliminary part. Evaluation is critical. Coaches try to develop X-ray vision to look …