Goodbye to the wild Ginger Man

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This is Cumberland Avenue requiem week, so here’s another one. I wouldn’t dare try to follow Beth Kinnane’s excellent summation of the modern history of The Strip, so I’ve borrowed …

Déjà vu Thursday: UConn returns to TBA  

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Way back during the before times of women’s college basketball, the winner of the UConn/Tennessee regular season matchup became the odds-on favorite to win it all in March. It was …

Suffer the little children

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Overall, I had a pretty good Christmas. The cold snap was brutal, but family, friends, food, lights and music made the season better than tolerable, so I was lucky. Some …

Briggs to anti-abortion lobby: Bring it

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State Sen. Richard Briggs does a lot of reading. This week he says he’s thinking that he might need to study up on drag shows.
He was joking.
Or maybe not, since …


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I’m keeping the headline of the schmaltzy New Year’s Eve column I’d written about dealing with the loss of old friends. But the news stories being generated by the Supreme …