Downtown parking woes

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Downtown parking just got harder, meaner and (probably) more expensive (nothing gets cheaper, right?), as more businesses move to cashless transactions. California-based Metropolis has taken over management of most commercial …


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Recently, my daughter started asking me questions about her father’s death. Not hard questions, really, just little details I’d laid to rest as life rolled on, but things she had …

911: Who you gonna call?

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Hardly a day passes that doesn’t hand me another OK, Boomer reminder. I try to fend them off by repeating that the more things change, the more they stay the …

Knox ambulance crisis is life threatening

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We should all be as fit as Keith Britt. A 45-year-old veteran, he’s a lean and fit data analyst/rock climber/marathon runner who shares custody of his 4-year-old triplets with his …

Find out time

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Two post-election day observations:

Abortion bans are political losers.
Republicans can’t win city elections.

Generally speaking, it’s unattractive to say I told you so, but it’s time to talk about the effects of …

Sometimes an old guy will surprise you 

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Daddy used to spend his Saturdays with his buddies shooting doves and squirrels and rabbits. He’d bring the carcasses home and make us help him clean them while he told …