Vol sports: Decade of D words

Marvin Westwestwords

Jeremy Pruitt has claimed the new decade for football. It would be OK if others picked up the pace. There is plenty of room for all-around improvement.
From a Tennessee perspective, …

Pruitt decisions, Gray plays win Gator Bowl

Marvin Westwestwords

Two-word description of the 75th Gator Bowl: Great game.
Maybe you have heard that second-level bowls are insignificant, just for fun, that it doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose.
It matters.
Tennessee …

Indiana Whop is hot

Marvin Westwestwords

Whop has already won.
By proclamation, Indiana’s Whop Philyor, No. 1 receiver who’ll wear No. 1 in the Gator Bowl, has the No. 1 nickname.
His mama doesn’t like the last part.
“That …

Story of the year: Trey Smith

Marvin Westwestwords

Trey Smith is a good book waiting to be written, an inspirational movie to be made.
The beginning is a few days away. We’ll wait for Trey to choose between entering …

Good news: Football is back

Marvin Westwestwords

Considering how bad were the basketball Vols against Memphis, we are indeed fortunate to have Tennessee football back in business.
Jeremy Pruitt and his helpers have been running full speed, here …

What a game, what a season!

Marvin Westwestwords

Great game by the freshman running back on Senior Day. Speed kills. Blockers help.
Defensive Volunteers fought fiercely and had minimum breakdowns.
Order has been restored in the Tennessee-Vanderbilt relationship, a fitting …

Rocky Goode was a pioneer

Marvin WestWest Knox, westwords

Thanks for the memories.
Old Vol footballer Bert Ackermann, in a very personal approach to Thanksgiving, was recalling good times with his Southeastern Conference officiating buddy, the late Rocky Goode.
“He was …

Pruitt is no dummy

Marvin Westwestwords

A quotable philosopher, perhaps Socrates or maybe Casey Stengel, provided our talking point for today: “A wise man changeth his mind once in a while; a fool never.”
On the third …