‘Rock Your Socks Day’ at Brickey-McCloud

Susan EspirituHalls, Our Town Youth

When a community comes together to support a cause, they create a powerful force for positive change.

Cael Frye, Elite Frye and Eason Frye

Such was the case on World Down Syndrome Day when Brickey-McCloud Elementary School had Rock Your Socks Day on March 21.

As Ellisha Frye puts it, “It’s amazing to see individuals of all ages rocking their socks on World Down Syndrome Day to increase awareness and build a community full of not just acceptance but inclusion for individuals with Down Syndrome. These individuals will continue to thrive with support and will become active and cherished members of our town.”

Ellisha’s son, Elite, was born with Down Syndrome. March 21 is symbolic because individuals with Down Syndrome have three copies of their 21st chromosome and the socks were chosen because the chromosomes actually look like mismatched socks.

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