Mission of Hope headed to Kentucky for disaster relief

Tom KingOur Town Leaders

Emmette Thompson and his team of volunteers spent Tuesday packing and loading flood relief supplies to deliver to Alice Lloyd College today in a pair of Mission of Hope trucks as the death toll from the devastating flooding continues to rise. They also will be offering hope and prayers.

“We have had a very busy day rounding up and packing flood relief supplies. It is a full assortment of everything they need for the people hit hard in their communities by the recent floods,” Thompson said.

The college is in Pippa Passes, Kentucky, a community some call “Caney Creek.” It’s 180 miles northeast of Knoxville.

The death toll stands at 37 as of August 2 with approximately 100 people still missing. Many families have lost their homes and businesses and some remain stranded with more rain expected there today.

“After speaking again today with the president of Alice Lloyd College, we have learned they will have a lot of financial expenses and as such, we plan to help them with a donation,” Thompson added. “They have also created a direct giving link on their website, which is listed below. We would like to encourage our Mission of Hope Friends to consider making a financial donation to Alice Lloyd College to help our friends in Kentucky.”

To donate to the relief effort, click here.

If you prefer to send your donation to the Mission of Hope, please side mark it for “ALC Disaster Relief.”

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