Trey Evans: The man behind Trey’s Snack Shack

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If you live in Powell, you undoubtedly know Trey’s Snack Shack. Neighbor Don Goodpaster sure does, as he stops by daily to pick up his Diet Coke. “I am a regular,” he boasted proudly last week as I walked up to the two. I snagged a couple of beef sticks for $1 on my visit which was a deal.

Trey Evans is the industrious young man who owns and operates Trey’s Snack Shack from his driveway in Broadacres subdivision where he is most afternoons if he’s not serving area athletic events or attending cooking classes. He also schedules himself for private events, and is looking forward to a newly booked Bible School this summer.

Trey, a 2021 Powell High School graduate, collaborated with his stepdad, to build his mobile snack trailer which opened for business in 2022. The young entrepreneur has expansion aspirations to a full-service food truck, likely to be renamed “Trey’s Food Shack.” His future venue will include fare he is learning to prepare during the cooking courses he is currently taking.

His focus on food is not surprising as Trey earned the “Most Food Classes Taken” award as a student at PHS and practiced his people skills while working in restaurants before opening his own business. The reason to start his own business says Trey, “I want to meet new people and help out people in my own home town.”

When Trey realizes his food truck goal, he says, “I will give the Snack Shack to my brother, Graham, so he can earn money for college.” When you meet Trey Evans, you meet an entrepreneur, financial planner and big brother mentor all in one very amazing young man.

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