Meet Grace Gaut of Fruition Café

Susan EspirituFarragut, Our Town Neighbors

As long as I have known Jackie Raley, I have been inspired by her genuine sense of gratitude and appreciation for others. She was spot-on when I spoke to her last week about one of her favorite people, Grace Gaut, owner of Fruition Café in Farragut. Jackie told me how Gaut had managed her small business restaurant for 22 years (12 years in Farragut), surviving the pandemic, and working seven days a week, yet with a most pleasant and appreciative attitude. “She always takes time to talk to you like your family,” says Raley.

Susan Espiritu, Grace Gaut, Gina Johnson

I had already planned to meet Gina, my childhood friend, for our regular lunch date, so I called her to change our place to Fruition Café.

“I love that place!” she said. We went and it was just as promised. Grace was there taking and filling orders both from the counter or drive through, living up to her name that fits her perfectly! We ordered, ate and Grace chatted with us in between customers as if we had known her for years. She is a treasure and the food is delicious! Drop in, not only to have a great meal but to meet true ‘Grace’.

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