The Easter cross tradition

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

Good Friday cross

As I came back into my church on the Monday morning after Easter, I was awestruck once again by the majestic cross that our volunteers put up each year to remind all who are present of the meaning of Easter. It starts on Good Friday with the darkened 12-foot wooden cross draped in black cloth and culminates on Easter Sunday with the cross dressed with dozens of beautiful white lilies donated in honor or memory of loved ones either living or passed. Members cherish the family pictures in front of the flowered cross each year and measure the transformation of their family in those yearly photos.

This incredible tribute was started in 1980 by two dedicated sisters, Marion Phifer and Mildred Walker, lovingly called “the twins” or to each other as “Sista”. They continued on with the lily-filled cross until about 1999, when they enlisted the next generation of volunteers in Robin French and Karen Sheddin, who have carried the tradition for last 25 years. The congregation is blessed with a beautiful tradition continued by dedicated volunteers for 43 years and certain to continue for years to come.

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