Make a difference: Volunteer at Children’s Hospital

Susan EspirituDowntown, Our Town Neighbors

Sachi as HABIT pup!

Like me, you may have been at East Tennessee Children’s Hospital for many reasons, some happy and others not so happy. I have been with my own children and grandchildren and I have even been there with my pup! Yes, my best pup, Sachi, was a volunteer there until the pandemic had to halt the HABIT dog volunteers. She loved volunteering and seeing the kiddos in the waiting room and they loved hugging on her.

On just about all my visits, though, I might be seen visiting the gift shop. It was always stocked with eye-catching gifts and gadgets that I hardly resisted even with a pup in tow! It is exciting to see that the Children’s Hospital recently had a ribbon-cutting as they celebrated the newly renovated gift shop in the North Tower. The gift shop is run by volunteers and all proceeds go to support patient families.

Volunteers play an essential role in helping communities and making a positive impact on the lives of others, so imagine the fun of volunteering in the hospital gift shop and the good it does for families involved. Many other non-medical services within the hospital are supported by volunteers as well.

If interested in becoming a real Tennessee volunteer, contact a volunteer coordinator at ETCH:

All of us have a story and I want to tell yours! Send them to [email protected]




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