Teresa Capps and her Easter tree

Susan EspirituGibbs/Corryton, Our Town Neighbors

When I think about decorating my Christmas tree, it is usually Thanksgiving time and I have zip-tied the ornaments and bagged the tree for easier haul-out-of-storage. To have a holiday tree for every season is a unique and creative way to celebrate the changing seasons and bring joy and festivity to your home throughout the year. I’ll leave that instinctive decorator gene to my friend Teresa Capps who says, “Yes, I am one those folks who keeps a lighted tree up year-round. I decorate it for various holidays and seasons like Valentines, Easter, July 4th, fall, Christmas. I enjoy the festive look, and I find it adds life to our home.”

During Easter, Teresa placed the gift baskets for her grandchildren around the tree with some of the rabbits she crocheted. I must say I tried crocheting. I bought everything the internet experts recommended, and I really tried because my mom had made it look so easy or at least that’s the way I remember it. I wound up donating all those supplies to someone who knew the craft and also made it look easy.

Crocheted bunnies in 2019 Tennessee Valley Fair: Best of Show and first place

Look at the intricacies of some of Teresa’s crocheted bunnies. She is one of those who makes it look easy. These bunnies are ones she entered in the 2019 Tennessee Valley Fair. She won Best of Show and first place the first time she ever entered her handiworks. Interested in seeing her next holiday trees!

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