Knoxville Marathon goes virtual

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The Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon (Nov. 7-15, 2020) is going virtual this year, and opening up bigger and better opportunities to race your way. “Go the social distance” wherever you are – you can even split the race distance between multiple days. Check out this Q&A, then learn more and register for this year’s race:

FAQs with Jason Altman, race director

Q: Where do I run or walk my mileage for the virtual race?

A: Anywhere you like! You are welcome to log your miles in your neighborhood, on a treadmill, on your local greenway or even the actual Covenant Health Knoxville Marathon routes! (Note: While we will repaint the start line, finish line and mile markers, please note that roads will be open to traffic. We advise that you use sidewalks along the route.)

Q: May I sign up for more than one event?

A: Yes! With a nine-day window, we have many people registering for multiple events. For instance, you could do the 5K on Nov. 7 and the half-marathon on Nov. 14.

Q: Can I split race distance over several days? How do I do that?

A: Absolutely. Let’s say you register for the marathon. You can do all 26.2 miles in a single day between Nov. 7-15. Or you can split the 26.2 miles over several days and input your mileage and time for each day to total up to 26.2 miles.

Q: How will results be tabulated for 2- and 4-person relays?

A: Each person on your relay team will run or walk an equal amount of distance (6.55 miles for each 4-person relay team member, 13.1 miles for each 2-person relay team member). Once all team members have input their mileage and time for their segment into the results database, the results will produce a cumulative time for the team.

Q: How will we receive our race packets this year?

A: The process of assembling packets will begin in late October. Details will be published soon regarding local pick-up options or shipping options for non-local participants.

Q: Is there still a Fittest Company Challenge?

A: Yes! We will tabulate points for top companies for the Fittest Company Challenge. As in previous years, we will award the top three companies in the small, medium and large divisions.

Q: Is there still a Fittest School Challenge?

A: Yes! We will tabulate points for the top schools for the Fittest School Challenge. We will award prize money and plaques to the top teams as in previous years.

Information provided by Tonya Stoutt-Brown, marketing and media coordinator, Covenant Health

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