Honor Labor Day with sunflowers

Beth KinnaneOur Town Outdoors

Join the Native Plant Rescue Squad (NPRS) for the return of the Labor Day Sunflower Project on Monday, September 6, from 9 a.m.— 3 p.m. at the Knoxville Botanical Garden & Arboretum. The Labor Day Sunflower Project is a unique, public, participatory art installation/event organized in celebration of work. Come celebrate the work that creates the beauty enjoyed in the Knoxville community.

Native sunflowers are welcome and encouraged. There are lots of beautiful native sunflowers and it would be great to see them represented in this year’s installation. NPRS will be bringing lots of sunchoke, helianthus tuberosus flowers to add to the installation mix. Spread the word to friends and neighbors, and plan on bringing all of the sunflowers and sunflower seed heads you can gather for weaving into this year’s installation. Remember to cut the stems at least 1 foot long for ease in weaving onto the chain-link sub-straight.

The Knoxville Botanical Garden is located on Wimpole Avenue in East Knoxville. For more information, go here or here.

Go to OutdoorKnoxville.com to find other activities.

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