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Attorney Wanda Sobieski posted this solitary flower and statement.

God bless the flower that grows in the crack!

First Baptist steps out in faith

First Baptist Knoxville will launch a four-week campaign to raise $3 million to renovate the children’s space and provide for other building upgrades at the church.

“Some have wondered why we are doing this now, given the inflation and market losses that many have experienced. There’s no doubt that this is a stormy season,” writes senior pastor Brent McDougal.

“First Baptist Church has faced hard times before. Our sanctuary was completed in the years just after World War I and just before the Great Depression. We have endured the ups and downs of the market all these years. Could it be that God is leading us even in a moment like this to look to the future with boldness?

“We’ll never know unless we step out in faith.”

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