Bokee comes to life at Ancient Lore Village

Susan EspirituOur Town Neighbors, South Knox

During my conversation with Melissa Blettner, CEO of Ancient Lore Village, I could feel the passion of the vision of founder and president Tom Boyd through her own words as she said the goal was to provide “hospitality with a purpose.” Boyd’s purpose visualizes a place where people come together, relax and engage with each other, unencumbered by the outside world.

As their website states, the ultimate goal is to have visitors “come here and experience magic, mystery and wonder. And then go tell their friends.” Tom Boyd created his vision of Ancient Lore Village following his creation of Bokee, a character searching for a place where only good exists.

Bokee came to life as a result of Tom touring our state with son Randy several years ago and discovering a not-so-positive side of human nature. He wrote about it with creation of Bokee which has now metamorphosed into the ultimate creation of Ancient Lore Village.

Guests may come and attend Signature Events hosted by the Village such as the one held this past Easter weekend where over 2,000 eggs were hidden for the massive egg hunt that ensued for the visitors that preregistered.  Guests may even take part in the Village Discovery Pass that provides 3 different audio tours: The Story of Ancient Lore Village, The Building of Ancient Lore Village or The Gardens of Ancient Lore Village. Read the unabridged story of Tom Boyd and Bokee here

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