Officer Dance is retiring from East Knox Elementary

Susan EspirituEast Knox, Our Town Neighbors

We celebrate retirements, but it can be a time of relief, excitement and sadness. We are going to miss our colleague who is a valued team member or regular face of support and encouragement.

East Knox County Elementary is in such a situation as they anticipate the impending retirement of the beloved Officer Dance. Adam Wilson Realty recently gave him their $110% Award in recognition of his service. Wilson posted on the school website, “He goes over and above to create a safe school for all students, staff and families. He knows our community and makes it a better place!”

If you think Officer Dance is heading for the back porch and the rocking chair, think again. He has a new food truck called Spoonful of Comfort that will be keeping him on his toes! Looking forward to trying this one out soon!

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