Why in the world would …

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Why in the world would …

Sheriff Tom Spangler overreact to relatively minor concerns with helicopters (Sterchi Hills and South-Doyle areas) and dogs (South-Doyle)? Apart from the cost, the helicopters scare folks, often older people at home during the day, and could result in tragedy. In Betty Bean’s Sept. 3 story, a resident said she went and got her gun when she saw the cruisers, copters and dogs. Just glad the 16-year-old, handcuffed kid from South-Doyle didn’t dash through her yard about then.

Why in the world would …

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi visit a shuttered San Francisco hair salon for a quick cut and color? She didn’t apologize for violating the shut-down and not wearing a mask. Instead, she apologized for getting caught in a setup.

Why in the world would …

Republican leaders like Randy Pace and Gary Loe try to have Eddie Mannis thrown off the ballot for state representative, even after he won the party primary? Republicans used to talk about a big tent. These guys want a pup tent.

This ‘n’ That

Congrats to Larsen Jay – the new chair of Knox County Commission – and Susan Horn, elected to a second term as chair of the school board. And kudos to David Buuck, who now sits in the big chair in the Knox County Law Director’s office.

Farragut Mayor Ron Williams said Thursday that the application for apartments on Concord Road has been withdrawn from Knox Planning. “The application was against our Urban Growth Plan, Knox County Sector Plan and the current Knox County zoning.” He called the apartments controversial and said the application did not fit the property.

Bearden High School students secured permission to paint a parking spaces as a fundraiser, the spaces were assigned and the painting was begun. Then Knox County Schools said no. Students were told their artwork will be painted over. Parents and kids are raising Cain on Facebook. See it here.

So many stories, so little time. Get well, Larry Van Guilder.

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