Table for two

Christopher RobinArts 865

This table for two sat atop a sand dune near our tent located on the edge of the Sahara Desert in southeast Morocco. The sands of the Western Sahara Desert have more shades of orange than a Tennessee football game. As the light changes so do the colors.

This is a fascinating area where you are every bit as apt to see a herd of camels as you are a Toyota Land Cruiser. We met nomadic Berber herders living in camel hair tents and had a conversation with a young man courtesy of Google Interpreter on his smartphone.

From our large desert tent, we were able to see what I am sure was every star in the universe. Our tent’s water heater looked remarkably similar to mine at home … except for the wood fire underneath. From experience, I can tell you that there is nothing graceful about riding a camel.

I look forward to returning to this captivating country. Preparing to take this picture the bird landed. I started to wait for it to fly then realized that it is what really makes this image.

Photographer Chris and painter Robin Rohwer share a painting or photograph that captured their interest in hopes that it will also capture yours. They have a small studio and gallery in the Emporium Center in downtown Knoxville where you can stop and see their work. Their website is Email them at If a particular piece interests you for your home or office, please contact them. All works are copyright protected.

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