Stitch happens!

Susan EspirituFountain City, Our Town Neighbors

Have you ever driven down Campus Lane on Wednesdays and thought, “What is going on at Fountain City Presbyterian Church?” Now you ARE wondering, aren’t you? On any given Wednesday, there are 8-12 women, busier than bees in a tar bucket as my mother would say. In fact, the buzzing you may hear is that of their sewing machines or possibly some friendly chattering, but don’t let the socializing fool you as there is no lack of production.

This unassuming group has been generating thousands of items since its inception 11 years ago in order to fill the needs in local and international communities. There have been hats for cancer patients, mittens and rolls for babies and NICU units,  300 masks during the pandemic, laundry bags for DCS foster children, lap throws, walker bags and phone holders have come off this production line.

However, the major pieces to be fashioned from this modest assembly line of cutters, sewers, ironers and labelers are pajamas, shorts and dresses.

“Grandma Pajamas,” as they are fondly named, sew 185 sets of pajamas yearly for Fountain City Ministry Center and Central Baptist Toy Store as well as additional sets for special needs such as the 100 made for the Mayfield Kentucky tornado devastation. The group, likewise, makes 85-100 shorts and the same number of dresses yearly as support to a Belize mission ministry.  

Is sewing and/or socializing for you? If yes, bring your machine or use one of their machines on Wednesdays from 9-2. If you need more information, contact Joan Biddle at [email protected]  YOU are needed! 

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