South-Doyle Musical Theater performs ‘Guys & Dolls’

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, South Knox

South-Doyle High School Musical Theatre presented Guys and Dolls from April 27-29. It was an outstanding play performance leaving the audience in awe. The performance captivated and engaged the audience from the beginning to the end as actors delivered their lines with emotion and passion, making the characters come to life on stage. Evident from the reviews the outstanding play performance and stage design was a collaborative effort that showcased the best of the actors, designers and directors’ skills. One audience member, Kristi Nelson, echoed the sentiment of all, “It was fantastic! So impressive. Hard to believe it was a high-school show! Everyone was great.”

Director Hannah Berkley said, “We are so proud of the work the students put in to make this show a success. Despite this being a challenging semester, they overcame all obstacles and put forth an incredible product. It was truly a collaborative effort, from both students and parents.”

Director Erin Johnson reiterated, “Whether it was helping with the sets, props, costumes, blocking or lighting for the show, we were never short of volunteers willing to help. Guys & Dolls has been an experience we will never forget.”

Reading through the 30-page program, the audience could become acquainted with each of the actors on a personal level as their individual biographies were exceptionally written. Although many of this talented group were seniors, there is a solid group to continue the tradition of superb performances in the coming years.

We should all take the time to put those upcoming dates on our calendars.

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