Powell Theater Club presents student-written ‘Partners’

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, Powell

Nothing makes my heart beat a little faster than to see young people happy and enjoying life. The Powell High School Theater Club is a group of students who are exemplifying how to spend the high school years! The students just presented their final play of the year, Partners, on April 27- 29. A crime drama with a bit of comedy, the play was written by PHS senior Shelby Whitehead.

Shelby said about the play, “Writing Partners was a great way for me to let out creativity and express myself during Covid lockdown. Getting to direct it was an amazing experience that gave me a good head start on teaching experience for my future.”

The story focuses on a detective team of best friends, Michael and Stephen. Michael’s life is turned upside down when Stephen dies, and his ghost shows up in the office to help solve his own case. He does not remember anything about his death, except that he was murdered. The duo work to uncover the mystery of what happened and who else is involved.

The student actors felt an immeasurable camaraderie through the process of practice and performance. Corisa Gross said, “My second family!” “A very creative experience.” Christian Croes echoed the same, “A fun experience with awesome people on and off stage.” Brewer Mooney summed up the experience, “Being in Partners was an unforgettable experience. It was filled with unique personalities and talented individuals.”

Actors also felt the challenge and feeling of accomplishment from performing as expressed best by students Deshaunti Williams and Taite Tackett. Williams said, “I feel as if this play is part of me and I miss it. It made me feel a part of something every time I went on. I got scared, but during and after I felt proud.”

Tackett summed up the entire experience beautifully, “My experience being in the play was something unforgettable and something extremely fun! I love being in an environment where I get to interact and hang out with a lot of people who enjoy the same acting passions as I do. I felt like I was in a place where I can truly embrace myself and make new, great friends who would follow the same passions to make our lives better.”

I, for one, am looking forward to the next season’s edition of the PHS Theater Club.

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