Webb inducts National Junior Honor Society

Susan EspirituOur Town Youth, West Knoxville

The National Junior Honor Society recognition is a significant achievement for students who strive for academic excellence, leadership, character and community service. Being recognized by the Junior Honor Society indicates that a student has demonstrated outstanding qualities in these areas, and it can open doors to future opportunities such as scholarships, internships and leadership positions. It is a proud moment for both the student and their family, and it serves as a motivation to continue excelling in their academic and personal endeavors.

I was invited last Thursday evening to attend the induction service at Webb School of Knoxville for my 8th grade grandson, Treyson Derry. Yes, you have already seen my story on him and his brother, Makai, as players on the same high school baseball team. So now, they are both members of the National Junior Honor Society as well, a more difficult team on which to earn a roster spot.

Treyson Derry, new inductee into National Junior Honor Society, poses with statue of Robert Webb, founder of Webb School of Knoxville

This was ever so evident as the audience applauded the sole six recipients that were inducted into this year’s class of National Junior Honor Society and the two transferring memberships. Each not only recited the pledge to uphold the high purposes of the NJHS, but each also signed the pledge to maintain and encourage high standards of scholarship, service, leadership, character and citizenship.

A very short but meaningful ceremony on the importance of key character traits for being successful in our world and we were not only proud to witness the ceremony but to have grandchildren experience it.

Ever the educator at heart, I pray we always remember how important ceremonies like this are so that we never discount that importance as we celebrate all the other accomplishments we find to reward.

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