SoKno on the Go

Sandra ClarkSouth Knox

Had lunch with Betsy Pickle today at SoKno Taco. It was fun. We ate on the patio where our companions ranged from families with little kids to folks with dogs. The dogs obviously considered it a treat, because even though they resisted spicy foods, they all loved their complimentary water bowl.

I had quesadillas with pulled pork. “It was a little heavy on the cheese,” I said.

“The first part is quesa,” said Betsy. Who knew that’s cheese in Spanish? It’s awkward eating with a copy editor.

Then we drove around SoKno a bit. Betsy showed me the marble slab that makes a very attractive sign for Lake Forest subdivision. We oohed over the expanded entrance to Fort Dickerson, and we zipped over to the new park at Baker’s Creek where little ones can ride their bikes in a concrete bowl, farther and farther up the sides until they are virtually parallel to the ground and their moms are shrieking.

There is energy in SoKno – businesses, neighborhoods, even dogs. We’re proud to be opening a South Knox microsite on Stay tuned. The first phase, coming in June, will feature South, Halls, Powell, Farragut and Fountain City. And the community coordinator in SoKno? Betsy Pickle, of course.



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