Knox TN Today mailer saturates Powell

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Folks in ZIP 37849 found an 8-page, full-color newspaper in their mailbox today. It was Volume 1, Number 1 for Knox TN Today. But those expecting to find our usual writers were disappointed. The mailer is part of our marketing campaign to promote the website – and that’s where the writers are.

In June, we’ll send a mailer to all homes in Halls ZIP 37938 and parts of Fountain City; in August to South ZIP 37920; in late fall to Farragut and its county ’burbs – an area so big we had to halve it – ZIPs 37934 (Town of Farragut) + 37923 (Bob Gray/Dutchtown area) = 9,659 in October; ZIP 37922 (southwest Knox County) = 15,182 in November.

We will sell display advertising in these mailers; interested persons should contact this writer at 865-661-8777.

A friend in the pizza business said it costs him about $3,000 to mail an oversized post card to 10,000 homes. And that’s about our cost to print and mail an 8-page broadsheet newspaper to 10,000 homes. The big lick is postage, and there’s no discount for volume.

But there’s no more effective way to put your message into the hands of consumers than direct mail. We’ll continue a quarterly mailer in 2018, and depending on advertisers’ interest, may beef it up to monthly. That would be fun.

We’re conceding, though, that the future lies online. Our goal, my goal, is to have folks countywide click first thing each day. The challenge is to produce reporting and opinion columns that keep readers returning. And the humbling aspect of the data mined from website hits is that more of you read Marvin West than read the rest of us combined.

Reckon we all should write about the glory days of the Tennessee Vols?

Tax rate down: Passage of Mayor Tim Burchett’s budget by Knox County Commission on Monday, included a property tax rate of $2.32. But that number will be re-certified this fall after appeals of property appraisals are concluded. I’m expecting the rate to drop because of higher values put on property by Assessor John Whitehead. State law forbids a “hidden” tax increase from the mandated reappraisals, so the new certified rate will produce the same revenue. Property values have picked up since the recession of 2008. And building permits are outpacing recent years. New construction brings new revenue.

AJ Building proposals extended: At the recommendation of Knox County Procurement and in response to feedback from potential proposers, the deadline for proposals for the sale and redevelopment of the Andrew Johnson Building was extended. The new deadline for proposals is 2 p.m. July 13, 2017.

Burchett honored: Mayor Burchett was given the 2017 Bearden High School Alumni of the Year award during the school’s commencement ceremony at Thompson Boling Arena. Burchett called it a tribute to C students everywhere.


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