Radio pastor, wife to visit Knoxville

Sandra ClarkOur Town Faith

If you’ve heard Pastor Chad Roberts and his wife, Sadie, on WRJZ Joy 620 radio, then you might want to meet them in person.

They are coming to Crowne Plaza downtown to host a Meet & Greet over free desserts and coffee on Thursday, November 9, from 6-8 p.m.

If you are not familiar with them, you can learn more here.

Chad Roberts says most people struggle to understand why difficult things happen to them. When he went blind in 2018, it left him with more questions than answers. He was and remains pastor of Preaching Christ Church and the Bible teacher for Awakened to Grace.

Today he says, “I may have blindness, but blindness doesn’t have me.” He wants to help people trust in God “even when you can’t see Him.”


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