Powell is ready for Collier Preserve

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Kids are drawn to the Collier Preserve. Last week brothers Theander and Tobias were leaving the Powell Library when one of them spotted the trail into the Preserve and both looked to their mother. Without a sign, folks are uncertain about whether the park is open or public.

But Carol Evans and Dr. Bob Collier were there, prepared to install the sign, and I was there to photograph the event. “Come on in,” I said.

The boys raced down the flagstone path to Beaver Creek, and then the family walked around the half-mile trail. I waved the boys over to meet Bob. “We are so excited,” said their mom, noting the Preserve is natural. Plastic playground equipment limits the kids to what it’s designed for, while a natural environment lets them explore and be creative, she said.

Meanwhile, Carol Evans rejected the sign. It was too large and she didn’t like the suggestion that somebody just grab a hacksaw and cut off the sides. She ordered a replacement right then and said it should be in this week. Meanwhile, I got to see the sign. The dedication is: The Stella Moore Collier Preserve.

A map shows areas of the farm that Mrs. Collier operated – the corn crib, the big spring.

Kids and older people are drawn to the Collier Preserve. I can’t wait until it opens for real.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today.

Theander, 10, and Tobias, 8 with their mom and Dr. Bob Collier at the Collier Preserve last week. The council ring is at left. The new sign will be installed under the kiosk.

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