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Websites like don’t happen by accident. It takes vision and hard work to present interesting/informative news. And it’s nice to get paid, too. That’s why the unsung heroes of this website are the businesses who sponsor logo links on KnoxTNToday. My job is to help tell their story.

Water into Wine Bistro and Lounge: Come for Happy Hour from 3-6 p.m. until Aug. 31. Working Women Wednesday is 5:30-7:30 p.m. each week at the Farragut lounge and eatery, located at 607 N. Campbell Station Road. Meet in the lounge for an opportunity to network followed by a live music duo. Drink specials nightly. Check out the events schedule at

Rural Metro Fire does a lot in the community. On 8/11, Jeff Bagwell hung a giant flag from a fire truck at the Travis Wegener Memorial Car Show in Powell. The family posted a picture on Facebook four days later:

“One of the members of Tennessee Valley Mustang Club took this photo at the show Saturday. I waited to share it today because four years ago was his last day in this world. In many people’s eyes Travis died a hero when he stepped in front of someone to try to stop the tension that was happening before everything turned bad. So, this picture is for all the heroes in the world big and small ones. Remember, you can be a hero to someone else even if you help them in any way that they need!!”

Red Devil CrossFit: “We’re not a gym where surly people work out with headphones on and barely nod at each other in passing,” says owner Laurie Hensley. “We’re a gym where people are part of a tribe. We look out for each other, from newest member to founding father. We help each other. We hang out together. We sweat together, we laugh together and we do a lot of both – especially the laughing!”

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