Mannis, Kincannon move on

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The Nov. 5 Knoxville city races are set.

Eddie Mannis

Eddie Mannis and Indya Kincannon will compete to be mayor. Marshall Stair was eliminated on Aug. 27, along with Fletcher Burkhardt, Calvin Taylor Skinner and Michael Andrews.

For at-large Seat C on the city council, Amelia Parker will face Amy Midis. Bob Thomas was eliminated, along with David Williams and Hubert Smith.

The other candidates will advance: Lynne Fugate vs. Charles Lomax Jr. for at-large Seat A, Janet Testerman vs. David Hayes for at-large Seat B, and Charles Thomas vs. Charles Al-Bawi for District 5.

Indya Kincannon

Overall, Mannis polled 7,005 votes (36.6 percent) in unofficial returns to Kincannon’s 5,568 (29 percent) and Stair’s 5,158 (27 percent).

In the Seat C race, Amelia Parker led with 5,273 votes (29.8 percent) to Amy Midis’ 5,137 (29 percent) and Bob Thomas, a former Knox County commissioner, at 4,654 (26 percent).

You can view the overall results here, the breakdown by precinct here, and the polling locations here.

A quick weathervane analysis shows:

North: Mannis ran strong in Fountain City, polling 41 percent at Gresham to Kincannon’s 29 percent and Stair’s 23. At Norwood Elementary, Mannis captured 46 percent of the vote to Kincannon’s 20 and Stair’s 22.

South: Kincannon piled up votes in South Knoxville, winning Dogwood School with 42 percent. Mannis and Stair virtually tied with 26 percent each.

East: Stair edged the others at Sarah Moore Greene School, with 31 percent to Mannis’ 27 and Kincannon’s 26.

West: Mannis dominated in West Knoxville, pulling 50 percent of the vote at Rocky Hill to Stair’s 29 and Kincannon’s 20 percent. At Sequoyah Elementary, which has been trending Democratic, Mannis nabbed 40 percent to Stair’s 31 percent and Kincannon’s 29.

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