Lions, city near agreement on lake and park

Sandra ClarkFountain City

The city of Knoxville is closer to acquiring ownership of Fountain City Park and the lake, some 7.5 acres in the heart of Fountain City. Beth Kinnane wrote about the negotiations here, but the timeline was unclear.

When the preliminary city council agenda for June 29 was released today, one item jumped out. It recognizes and thanks the FC Lions Club for its gift of the property to the city of Knoxville. This is not a done-deal; something could come up that delays the property transfer and causes a deferral of the June 29 agenda item. We will know next Tuesday.

For old-timers like myself, it’s bittersweet. But it was inevitable. Those who enjoy the park and lake should thank members of the Lions Club, past and present, for their service. And we should thank Mayor Indya Kincannon and former Mayor Madeline Rogero for their support of Fountain City’s favorite places.

Enjoy photos of possible new playground equipment, coming to a park near you.

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