Linda Haney: A gift from the heart

Susan EspirituFarragut, Our Town Neighbors

My mother collected stamps and had an extensive assortment when she passed. I am not as diligent and have collections of Santas, sailboats and shot glasses based solely on luggage space, pricing and whims in the moment. Hopefully, there will be some sentimental value or personal use (for the shot glasses, at least) when I go.

Like my mom, Dan and Linda Haney were more focused on collecting specific items. They collected unique chess sets. According to Linda, “Through the years we would find and acquire interesting chess sets.” Dan taught himself to play chess after he won a prize for making a chess table in high school wood working class.

3 tier space chess set

When I recently covered the chess championship of the Farragut High School chess team, it prompted Linda to generously donate four of the sets to the team. Dan had passed away and she was looking for places where the sets would be appreciated. “After his passing I wanted to give them to someone who would appreciate them and use them. When I saw your article about the chess team, I thought this club would appreciate and use the sets.

“I was thrilled to give to the chess champions. Knowing the sets will be used by these champions means a lot to me.” What a blessing for these young people to have the gift from the Haneys’ years of travels.

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