Drs. Crumpton: Careers are a family tradition

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When I think of family traditions, I think of Sunday dinners or family game nights, ones that have never really succeeded with my family, like when I thought that family game night was a good idea. It was not, although we have survived a few since the first, never have included a buzzer by the ear since that first failed attempt.

Dr. Reid Crumpton and Brianna Crumpton (1993)

This story, however, is about when career paths become family traditions, crossing generations. The Crumpton family is that storied tradition. Dr. Brianna Crumpton is the latest in the Crumpton line of dentists, following her father Dr. Reid Crumpton. She says that her father never pushed her to join the profession, but she spent her life around the office, even having her fifth birthday party in the waiting room.

She begged for a job between her first and second year of college and while watching her dad interacting with patients, she developed X-rays, cleaned trays and sorted charts. It was there she was able to see how it incorporated both science and art into a job that had really rewarding moments, like getting someone out of pain or giving them back their smile. Brianna says emphatically, “After that, I was sold.”

Crumpton Family Dentistry is located at 123 E. Emory Road in Powell.

“I am blessed to have patients who remember my grandfather, Dr. Earl Lynn Crumpton, both my uncles Dr. Scott Crumpton, a general dentist, and Dr. Mark Crumpton, a pediatric dentist.” She says too, “Both Dr. Earl and Dr. Scott passed away before I was born, so it’s special for me to hear about them from patients, and really cool to see their work live on in the mouths of patients.”

I know from being her patient that she is incredibly kind, and her employees think the world of her. Christy, one of the hygienists, said, “I never thought I’d work another full-time job but working for her is like being with family.” Now Dr. Brianna is starting her own traditions.

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