Leading by example

Larry Van GuilderOur Town Leaders

Count me among the thousands locally who could not get along half so well without the efforts of an essential yet too often overlooked band of local leaders and heroes, the grocery store employees. Their names and faces are legion. These unsung, selfless workers lead by example.

My age (groan) places me squarely in an “at risk” category during this pandemic. For weeks I’ve  ordered groceries online and picked them up curbside. Without the service provided by store employees, young and old, I’d be adding to my chances of contracting illness each time I walked in the store.

Most all our readers have endured lower-paying jobs along the way to what we hoped were better days ahead. But military service excepted, in how many of those jobs did you put your health, possibly your life at risk each time you clocked in? Store workers assume that risk every workday.

Every food service worker is essential; each leads by virtue of their courage in the face of our invisible enemy, the coronavirus. Remember to thank the next one who loads your shopping cart or wheels your order to the curb. He’s earned your gratitude!

Larry Van Guilder is the business/government editor for Knox TN Today.    


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