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Community Solar is online and subscriptions are available now for folks who want to participate through Knoxville Utilities Board. KUB officially launched the program on Monday, April 17, along with the city of Knoxville and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

“Thank you very much to Solar Alliance … on time, on budget!” said Chris Hansen, TVA vice president of origination & renewables, at a ceremony announcing completion of the one-megawatt project that Knoxville-based Solar Alliance Southeast designed and built in 2022. It is highly visible on a repurposed brownfield next to Interstate 40 West in Knoxville.

Shares of KUB Community Solar allow individuals or businesses to have a sense of ownership of this renewable energy, even if they don’t have space suitable for their own solar array. Shares cost $5 each, with a portion of that returned each month to subscribers.

“Our pledge is to get it sold out as quickly as possible,” said Gabriel Bolas, KUB president and CEO. He noted this highly visible project is just part of the local commitment to renewables. This is part of KUB’s commitment to build up to 20% of its load coming from solar power, part of the TVA Green Invest program.

Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon told the group gathered for the project launch, “We can lead by example,” about the city purchasing the first 529 shares, which is 25% of those available. The mayor called using renewable energy a “patriotic duty.” She said the city’s investment in Community Solar shares is equal to the energy used at two of its community centers.

Executive Director Gil Hough of the Tennessee Solar Energy Industries Association said, “This is really good! There are plenty more opportunities for solar projects like this in the near future – and our industry professionals in Tennessee are ready to team up to make them happen!”

Hansen called this project a partnership between his agency and local leaders. This solar is a portion of what KUB has agreed to support through the TVA Green Invest program. “Thank you to our partners at KUB, the city of Knoxville and Solar Alliance,” said Hansen.

Learn more about signing up for KUB Community Solar here.

Anne Brock is marketing coordinator for Solar Alliance. She can be reached at: 865-221-8349 or [email protected]


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