Knox the Fox finds friends at Baxter Gardens

Susan EspirituHalls, Our Town Adventure Seekers

Knox the Fox caught up with two of my friends at Baxter Gardens. Needless to say, they were not disappointed in the experience of these beautiful private gardens on Sam Cooper Road in Halls. The gardens open yearly for the month of April as part of the Dogwood Arts Trails and Gardens and feature 15 themed gardens covering approximately 20 acres which include 100 varieties of plants and 35 outdoor sculptures. Teresa Capps says it best, “The people of Knoxville are blessed to be afforded access to such a beautiful estate.”

Kristen Samples and Emily Ward at Baxter Gardens

The over 25,000 visitors a year spend their time in the gardens taking photographs or just strolling through the impressive grounds. “We spent our time looking at beautiful flowers, stunning fountains and sitting to enjoy the mountain views,” said Emily Ward.

The gardens are free and due to the large number of visitors each year, the best times to visit are during the week or early morning. While professional photography is not allowed, pictures are encouraged and there is no lack of exceptional locations for family memories to be captured.

Knox the Fox finds a water feature at Baxter Gardens

 As my friend Emily expressed, “The Baxter Gardens are breathtaking and I was so amazed to find such a hidden gem in North Knoxville. It was family friendly – which I love. I can’t wait to take my son next year and start making it a family tradition.”

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