KUB creates new greenway section

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Knoxville Mayor Indya Kincannon led a celebration Wednesday to mark the opening of the Kuwahee Greenway.

The new section will connect Joan Cronan Way near KUB’s Kuwahee Wastewater Treatment Plant to the existing Neyland Greenway near Third Creek.

In a prepared press statement, Gabriel Bolas said KUB employees are also friends and neighbors within the community. “And it’s very exciting for KUB to have the opportunity to contribute this section of greenway to the community where we all live, work, and play.”

The nearly 1,500-foot section will now become part of the city’s greenway system.

“Three years ago, the city unveiled a detailed long-range plan for strategically adding greenways and key connections,” Kincannon said. “The emphasis is on building links or extensions so that people can choose to walk or bike existing greenways to get to work or school or other destinations, in addition to enjoying traditional healthy-lifestyle benefits. We’re delighted that KUB has embraced this approach and proactively constructed an important greenway that connects the UT Agriculture campus and women’s athletics facilities.”

The project also provides new landscaping and improved stormwater drainage for KUB’s Kuwahee facility.

Information provided by KUB Communications.

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