Knox Heritage hosts supper at Rivershack Farm

Sandra ClarkOur Town Outdoors

Cynthia Moxley says Knox Heritage scaled back the number of its popular fundraising “Summer Suppers” this year due to Covid-19 considerations, even making a couple of them virtual. “But the ones they did have in person – generally in outdoor locations – continued to be the crowd pleasers they always were.”

Rendezvous at Rivershack Farm was held at the Holston River property owned by Tim and Deanna Hill. And Moxley takes us there for:

  • Photos of the folks who paid $175 to attend
  • Food and drink
  • Music from a bluegrass band
  • Fireworks, and
  • A scoop

The scoop: Todd Morgan, executive director of Knox Heritage, will resign and be moving to Chattanooga. Read all about it here.

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