Keryl Aston-Wash Fillers leaves legacy of art

Sherri Gardner HowellNortheast Knox, West Knox

Keryl Suzanne Aston-Wash Fillers, 63, passed away in Knoxville on Saturday, Oct. 12, 2019, surrounded by family and friends, including her mother, Barbara Aston-Wash, and daughter, Kerry Katelynn Fillers.

Keryl Wash Fillers

Keryl was well-known in her hometown for her engaging artistic talents “She was an artist in every way,” said her daughter, Kerry. From painting on canvas to handcrafted jewelry, woodworking and culinary skills, her eye for color, detail and deftness with whatever medium she was drawn to manifested beautifully. Many in Knoxville have a “Keryl original” in the form of hand-painted plates and elegant jewelry or have enjoyed her beautiful wedding cakes. “She may have been best known for her culinary skills as a pastry chef,” added Kerry.

When Keryl’s mother was to be honored at a philanthropic event at Cherokee Country Club, Keryl took on the decorating of the club dining room, transforming it for the gala and making jeweled angel pins for each guest to take home.

Keryl was devoted to her family, which also included her brother, Brent Aston-Wash, who passed away at age 33 in 1991, and her partner, Lee Roy Braden. Keryl’s love of life was evident in all she did. When health issues threatened to keep her down, she always found the strength to persevere.

Keryl will be missed daily by her daughter, Kerry Katelynn Fillers; mother, Barbara Aston-Wash; partner, Lee Roy Braden; and cousin, Nancy Burnette. She was preceded in death by her beloved brother, Brent Aston-Wash; grandparents, Arthur and Clara Nelle Aston; father, Harvey Wash; uncles and aunts Margaret McIntyre, Dr. and Mrs. Arthur F. Aston, David Aston and John and Hazel Craig.

Graveside services will be held at 3 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 20, at the family plot at Lynnhurst Cemetery, 2300 West Adair Drive, Knoxville.


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