Judge Alley gets another year as judge

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

There’s a new judge in town, sort of. Approval of G. Keith Alley as the Municipal Court Judge for the town of Farragut at Thursday’s Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting was really just a formality. Judge Alley was appointed in February 2016 as the new judge, but the terms are from year-to-year.

With one year under his belt as head of the Municipal Court, Judge Alley had nothing but praise for the town and its citizens.

“Municipal Court has jurisdiction within the town of Farragut over cases involving violation of town ordinances and codes,” says Alley, “and that is what makes up the bulk of the cases brought before the court.” Since 2009, the court has also had jurisdiction over red light camera violations, but Alley says those are rare.

“Really what we see the most is violations of ordinances relating to conditions of yards in town, rubbish and debris and fire codes. Any kind of complaint that relates to an ordinance that the town has adopted comes to Municipal Court.”

Alley says he has found the court atmosphere to be primarily congenial.  “I think the most notable thing I have seen is how incredibly articulate, pleasant and sincere the people who appear before the court tend to be. Most are good people who find themselves in violation of an ordinance, and they just want to take care of that violation. The townspeople are so good and respectful about following town ordinances that we don’t see that many cases.”

Alley has been a resident of Farragut since 2007. He practices law with Holbrook Peterson Smith PLLC and received his bachelor’s degree with distinction from the University of Virginia in Charlottesville and his Juris Doctor degree from the University of Tennessee College of Law.


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