It’s snowy out there! Stay busy at the library

Mary Pom ClaiborneOur Town Youth

The scene outside my window conjures great memories of sledding, building snowmen, and pitching out the first snowball of the season. There’s nothing like a blanket of white to make the world seem magical and enticing. But most of us are good for only a short jaunt into the cold and slippery world out there. Fortunately, the library is always open online for some good indoor adventures.

Here are a few places to explore:

The McClung Digital Collection is full of rabbit holes that can take you from 19th century photos to the scrapbook of local suffragist and activist, Lizzie Crozier French, to the catalogs of renowned architect George Barber. There is so much to explore that you might not have time for the other great offerings online.

Keeping with the past, it’s worth a peak into the days of yore through the Library’s historic newspapers. If your family is from this area, you may find your grandparents’ birth or marriage announcements. And news of the day is always interesting, no matter how true the adage is – the more things change, the more they stay the same.

Have you run through all your Netflix or Hulu fare? Kanopy or Hoopla from the Library offers a variety of titles you might not find on other platforms. If your New Year’s Resolution includes saving money, this is a great time to check out free options from the library and cut expensive streaming services.

Speaking of New Year’s Resolutions, check out our online video courses. You can hone skills or pick up new ones on business, media production, technology and more. There are thousands of courses to choose from. But that’s not all. provides one-on-one chat tutoring for students of any age, and you can explore scholarships, fellowships and loan opportunities.

It’s cold out there, and some of the libraries might not be open due to weather, but you can always get answers on

Mary Pom Claiborne is assistant director for marketing, communications and development for Knox County Public Library


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