Flying Anvil goes naughty on ‘Scrooge’

Sandra ClarkArts 865, West Hills

Bah, Humbug, y’all. Flying Anvil Theatre is presenting “Scrooge in Rouge” Nov. 20 to Dec. 22. Here’s what the Anvil presser says:

What the Dickens? A Christmas Carol like you’ve never seen before! “Scrooge in Rouge” is definitely not your average treacly holiday show … think more like Monty Python meets Benny Hill.

This quick-change, cross-dressing version of the Charles Dickens classic is set in a Victorian music hall. The Royal Music Hall 20-Member Variety Players are beset with a widespread case of food poisoning. This leaves only three surviving members to soldier on through a performance of A Christmas Carol. The undaunted trio gamely face missed cues, ill-fitting costumes, and solving the problem of having no one to play Tiny Tim. Done in the style of British Music Hall, “Scrooge in Rouge” abounds in bad puns, witty songs, bawdy malapropisms and naughty double-entendres. A raucous holiday treat!

The show is directed by Flying Anvil artistic director Jayne Morgan, with musical direction by Paul Jones. Rounding out the cast are Jessica Magers-Rankin, Jacques DuRand and Andrew Carlile.

Flying Anvil is located in the Rocky Hill area of West Knox County. Performances will be Thursdays through Saturdays at 7:30 p.m. and Sundays at 2 p.m. tickets range from $22 to $24 with info here. Or call the box office at 865-357-1309.


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