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Dr. Miles Wilson “M.W.” Rhyne has a foot in the past and an eye toward the future. His office is uniquely decorated with antiques and family mementoes, alongside the latest in vision technology. And while he treats patients of all ages and conditions, Dr. Rhyne has become an expert in the treatment of binocular vision disorders – conditions in which the eyes are unable to align property.

Dr. Rhyne says poor binocularity can affect depth perception, spatial awareness and visual tracking. It can lead to headaches, double vision, difficulty reading, car sickness, vertigo and more.

M.W. Rhyne OD

“At East Tennessee Binocular Vision Center, not only do we provide a thorough eye health examination and refraction services, we also perform a detailed binocular vision screening,” he says. “After the assessment, we analyze and discuss the results with you so that together we can form a treatment plan.

“Vision is the pathway through which we experience the world. Better vision is better living, and as eye-care professionals we hope to better the lives of the patients who put their trust in us.”

M. W. Rhyne Jr., OD, graduated from Powell High School, 1966; the University of Tennessee, 1970; and Southern College of Optometry in Memphis, 1974. He practiced with Dr. J.C. Tumblin initially. His partnership practice, Rhyne & Patton on Callahan Road, extended from 1978 until 2016.

In 2017, Dr. Rhyne opened a solo practice at 9051 Executive Park Drive, Suite 401, in the Cedar Bluff area. Info: 865-437-3166 or etbvc.com.com.

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