Ex-Vol Careathers dies

Marvin Westwestwords

Paul Careathers, 64, Tennessee running back in the 1970s, died on Labor Day. His funeral was in Chattanooga on Saturday, early afternoon, before the UT football game.

He is survived by his wife, Johnequia, daughter Lynnequia Davenport and sister Sandra Bailey.

Careathers, originally from Lafayette, Ga., had a brief fling with the Oakland Raiders. He was a teacher and coach in Chattanooga schools and was youth minister at New United Missionary Baptist Church for more than 20 years. Careathers’ best day with the Volunteers was the 1973 Georgia Tech game. He gained 125 yards. He was Tennessee’s leading kickoff returner in 1974. “He was a great player who worked very hard to be even better,” said Condredge Holloway, quarterback of that era. “Paul was a big back who could have been a tight end. I really enjoyed having him in front of me when I was going to pass.”

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