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I hope you had a very happy Easter weekend and were able to spend time with friends and family. The office was closed on Friday, so we have a four-day work week to report on (we are making up for it this week). In those four days, we recorded 1,051 deeds including 249 Trust Deeds and 210 Warranty Deeds.

The Trust Deeds had a total value of $89.6 million with eight loans of amounts over a million dollars. Truist Bank was the lender of the highest loan, $10.5 million; First Century had the second highest of $6.7 million; and the rest were:

The value of property sales for four days was $78.2 million. Of the 210 deeds recorded, eight had values over a million dollars; two of those were commercial properties. Both of those were apartment buildings that had only been owned for a year or two.

Nick McBride

The largest transfer was $2.75 million for three apartment buildings on Magnolia Avenue in east Knoxville. The buildings pictured are 2724 and 2730 E Magnolia Ave, and the third building is the Graham apartment building across Magnolia Ave. Market Morningside LLC sold the properties which were purchased in Feb 2022, to The Courtland Group LLC.

The other million-dollar-plus property to sell was the Evergreen Apartment complex in the Fountain City community. The apartments located at 101 College Park Dr. were sold by WSLG LLC to Evergreen 101 College Park LLC for $2.4 million. WSLG LLC had owned the property since 2021.

Here’s an update on the three-year comparison as of last Friday:

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Have a great weekend!    –Nick

Nick McBride is register of deeds for Knox County.


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