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Nick McBride has unveiled a spiffy new website which he says will “give residents and property owners a deeper look into the local real estate market.” McBride is serving his second term as register of deeds.

“I wanted to give the public something more open and user friendly,” McBride said. “Right now, it seems like people have a big interest in the market, so we wanted to revamp the website to make such information – past and current – easier to find.”

The Knox County Register of Deeds Office records and maintains all deeds and other property documents. The office’s website can be found here.

The site features all things property related, including sales, prices, foreclosures, mortgage lending information and sales analysis that measure the strengths and weaknesses of the current market.

In addition, McBride’s office also is offering a free weekly real estate transfer report. Those interested can subscribe here at no cost. The report will be emailed each Monday and include information from the previous week.

“The report will look at all the properties that were sold and provide a legal description of each piece,” McBride added.

The office is also rebranding its property fraud alert program – a free service that uses up-to-date technology to let owners know if there is a potential threat to their property so they can act before it’s too late.

Those who sign up will immediately receive alerts via email when a document has been recorded that affects that person’s name, business name or real estate.

Note: We recruited McBride to write the weekly real estate report for when we launched in May 2017. With the new website, residents can find the information more quickly and in more detail than Nick is sometimes willing to mention. But we’re going to keep the Thursday column as long as Nick is willing to write it. And he gets my vote for outstanding transparency in public service.

Sandra Clark is editor/CEO of Knox TN Today Inc.


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