Dreams revealed for McFee Park

Sherri Gardner HowellFarragut

Ask, and ye shall receive, maybe. It all depends on how well the price tag plays.

McFee Park, one of four in the town of Farragut, is a park with big dreams and the space to make them a reality. All that is needed is the cash.

McFee already boasts an athletic field and a practice field, a lighted playground, lighted walking trails, Splash Pad, two pavilions, restroom facilities and adequate parking. Farragut’s youngest park sits in a 51-plus acre complex with plenty of room to stretch its wings. Over the past year, town staff has asked the citizenry just what they would like to see in expansions for the park.

The survey results were shared with the local firm Ross/Fowler Landscape Architecture, and president Mike Fowler and David Craig came to a workshop last week to showcase the cake that all those ingredients produced. It was a multi-layer creation with a slice for every taste.

Mike Fowler with Ross/Fowler Landscape Architecture shows details for the plans for McFee Park.

* Six tennis courts and hitting wall

* Four pickle ball courts

* Additional large and small pavilions

* Dog park with designated large and small dog areas

* Second children’s play area

* Picnic tables scattered throughout the park

* 18-hole disc golf course

* Large multi-purpose lawn with power for special events

* Amphitheater facility with seating for 200-plus, restrooms and a multi-purpose room

* Expanded trail system with soft-surface and hard-surface trails

* Exercise elements along the trails, more restrooms and more parking


The plan, said Fowler, will increase the size of the park to 25 acres. It offers opportunities for revenue not only through local rentals, but for tournaments and festivals.

The price tag for the entire plan: $12.5 million.

“I know it is a lot of money,” said Fowler. “This facility will be an asset for the town of Farragut and an example of the town’s values.”

There are ways to break the project into pieces that would project a longer timeline for completion and prioritize the different areas. Alderman Ron Williams said the racquet sports complex, with an approximate $5 million price tag, would be his choice of where to start, “because that is a way to generate revenue.”

Cost estimates from Ross/Fowler for McFee Park proposal

Debbie Pinchok, who is on the Parks & Athletics council, said the project will come to the Board of Mayor and Aldermen meeting with a unanimous vote from the council for passage and a shorter timeline. “Some of us have children and grandchildren of certain ages,” said Pinchok. “If it’s pushed and pushed and pushed, they’re not going to be those ages anymore.”

Sue Stuhl, the town’s parks and leisure services director, said the town is asking for community input on the proposal through the town website, Facebook and Nextdoor.com. Comments will be taken through June 8 and then compiled for the board. Comments can also be emailed directly to Stuhl at sstuhl@townoffarragut.org.

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